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Hi, I'm back with another question. Okay, in season Four when Anna Del Amico comes, she says she is doing an internship in Emergency Medicine so that she can get her licsense for it, and she already has her Peadeatric licsense, because she did a pedes internship, right? and in season five, Peter says to Elizabeth as she in completeing her internship that soon she will have her licsense. So does that mean that because Carter did a internship as a surgeon, and an internship as a ER intern, does that mean that he has his license for Surgery and Emergency Medicine? That he doesn't perform surgery because his job is and Emergency Medicine Resident? I hope you can clear me up on this.


-- Amy (, April 27, 2000


Anna Del Amico had completed her pediatric residency at Childrens hospital of Philadelphia. Anna came to County and was accepted into a ER residency so she could eventually become double boarded in Pediatrics/emergency medicine. She left after one year. We don't know if she joined another ER residency in Philly or not. If she did n't she is notcertified in Emergency medicine.

When Carter graduated from medical school , he matched at county in a six year surgical residency program. Carter decide after one year that he did not want to be a surgeon and he was allowed to switch to emergency medicine a four year program. Carter was an intern again during season four. Carter is not allowed to practice medicine as a surgeon because he never completed his surgical residency and is no longer in their program.

Corday had finished her surgical residency in England(Great Britain) when she came over as a fellow in season four. However when she lost her sponser and fellow during season five she had to become an intern for one year because the US requires most foreign dorctors who have completed their residency outside the US to complete one year as an intern before being allowed to get licensed in the US and practice medicine. Corday is now licensed to practice surgery. She would not be at this point if she had not initially completed a residency in England.

-- Brenda (, April 27, 2000.

Clarification on the Anna DelAmico question.

She left for Philly because she found a residency program in a hospital that had a *pediatrics ER*. At the time, County didn't have one. They do now, thanks to Doug Ross.

-- (, April 27, 2000.

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