What makes YOU go mmmm?

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Go ahead. Spill it.

-- Angela (fleegle@gdi.net), April 27, 2000


My my my. hmmmm. Well nothing makes a goat go mmmm more than oral! Aside from that I would say surf fishing on the beach at sunrise (i dont actually use bait, i just like to wade in the water). Learning a new song on the guitar, lately something on my acoustic. Flirting. Having NO debts. I could get off on that all day long all from the idea on its own. NO MORE DEBTS NO MORE DEBTS NO MOOOOOOORE DEEEEEEBTS UHHH UHHHH ahhhhhhhhh.

-- TED (AngryGoatBoy@hotmail.com), April 27, 2000.

being tied up.. um.. no.. i mean... um...sunny air.. yeah.. disney and more recently, universal.. i take that back.. mainly rollercoasters.. awww yeah baby. being flirted with, learning something new, feeling movement in my tummy (when there is suppose to be movement heheh), when my son comes up to me for no reason and hugs me and says " i love you mommy", when my husband comes up to me and does the same thing (minus the "mommy" of course heheh), taking pictures, redesigning a house in my head, sitting down when i have pad and paper and redesigning a house on paper. Anticipation, turning someone on, now and laters, cheesecake, smell of gardenias and jasmine. A very large flower garden with an old brick walkway and sitting area. Surprises, surprising people, giving and seeing it make someone happy. ok, i think i am done now. :)

-- bob (bob@christey.net), April 27, 2000.

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