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Is there any news on delivery from the mvf4s? I am still waiting,and the salesman tells only story's to me. greetings, Ben

-- Ben profijt (, April 26, 2000


I contacted Cagiva USA today and the response I got was bikes are due in several weeks. They do ask that you contact your dealer instead of them =) I can't believe that Europe does not have the bikes yet, I'm assuming you're from the Netherlands.

The weather has been horrible in the NE so I don't mind waiting, YET!

-- moderator (, April 27, 2000.

I called my NE Dealer and my bike will come in JULY! (crossed fingers) Looks like a lot of sweaty MV rides. I would say contact your dealer they can be more specific.

-- moderator (, April 28, 2000.

The very first US F4-S models will be arriving to authorized dealers very soon, possibly within the next two weeks. It must be a pretty good feeling to have known about this bike a year or two ago, and to have found yourself in touch with a loyal dealer at the right moment. This will be only the first of several subsequent shipments which will continue through the summer. Y2K CA (50 state) models are still expected this year, but will likely arrive somewhat later due to the more stringent emissions requirements. Any CA residents out there can thank their legislators for this...

Here's a tip, the writing on any industry wall and/or in the press suggests that a 1+1, or biposto version of the F4 will arrive Stateside in 2001. There may be a few of you who may wish to inquire, at your dealer, to be one of the first to request this specific, new model. Otherwise, every indication is that this bike will be well worth the wait, however long. Any new inquiries for single seat F4-S models are almost certain to face a healthy waiting list which will extend into next year's production. Ultimately this is a very good thing, because when you do get your F4, you will be one of a very, very select few. Talk about bragging rights... The US allocation will be extrtemely limited for 2000, with a modest, (but still strictly limited) increase for 2001.

-- (, April 27, 2000.

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