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Todays question is, did/do you have a good relationship with your teachers at school. Were you the class clown playing tricks on them all the time, or did you really suck up? Any specific events involving teachers? Who was the worst teacher you ever had, or the best? Hell, talk about teachers in general!

-- Tim (tim@newmail.net), April 26, 2000


Yes, questions requiring a degree of creativity might be asking a bit much of an audience, half of whom haven't got degrees in anything.

Anyway, I neither sucked up nor played the fool (I didn't have to, I was the fool), except in Physics when the teachers decided to stop teaching us for the five months before our A Levels. Nice. I was never a "favourite", except to one of my Physics teacher. I did somewhat well on one of my exams, and he wouldn't stop complimenting me for the rest of my school career. Scary.

The only example where I was Not A Favourite was with my Religion teacher, because I couldn't draw. Yes, quite. I forgot to bring my bible to a lesson ONCE in my entire school career, and got lines for it, even though I didn't even need it that day. But on days when we did need Bibles, if someone she liked forgot theirs, they weren't punished. Grrrrr... maybe that's why I lost my faith in God?

-- Zed, Fountain Of All Wisdom (Teeth) (zed@swansongs.net), April 26, 2000.

Hmm. Mostly I had a good relationship with my teachers at school, until the sixth form when Things Changed. For one thing, my Biology teacher was a bitch to start with. For another, one of my friends was her favourite, and then halfway through lower sixth I fell out with this girl and as a result the teacher decided to hate me too. And I never even attacked her with a trombone! (sorry Tim).

My favourite teacher at school was one of my Maths teachers, partly because she was funny but more because she had a daughter in the year below me and as a result knew absolutely all the school gossip, way more than we did. Now, at college, my favourite teacher is my Chemistry teacher, who's absolutely the coolest person in the entire world (and I say that even though he thought I was crazy). Happy days...

(PS. Zed - your Physics teachers stopped teaching you 5 months before A Levels and you still got an A?? Damn, mine carried on teaching right to the end and I didn't get above a B!)

-- Helen (breathe@oceanic.nu), April 26, 2000.

I get along with my Biology teacher extremely well. I can tell her everything and we gossip about all kinds of stuff with each other. She basically understands kids and isn't uptight which is why she is cool. I am going to be her lab aide next year because she's so cool. :)

-- Amy (AmyAmyAmy7@excite.com), April 26, 2000.

teachers were all ok. one was a blatant alcoholic (my rents knew her outside school) but we all pretended not to know. my physics teacher was an arsehole though. he used to set homeworks about stuff he knew damn well we hadn't even covered, and he said if we didn't understand it we should go see him during the week, but when you did go see him he made you feel a complete idiot for daring to waste his precious time. sucked. i know one kid who he turned round to at the beginning of the course and said "you're not going to do very well in this course are you, why don't you pick something else?".

-- will w. (a_pok_lips@hotmail.com), April 26, 2000.

Whenin middle school I had an english/drama teacher who was very good to me,mostly she had a lot of patience with me. I exelled in drama and would do anything and everything to the best of my abilities. In english class the story was much different. The same teacher with incredible patience had made thursdays journal day. We had to write in a journal, only once a week and only one page if that was all we felt the need to write. We4ll I could not or would not write a journal page and was of course kept after class evry thursday till she herself had to leave. No this was not an attempt on my part to spend quality time with my very cute teacher. I found it very frustrating as I imagine she did. I just could not put pen to paper if my life depended on it. One thursday after school, while staying behind and not writing a journal entry, this teacher asked me what character in what play I would like to be if I had a choice. Being the grumpy fellow I choose Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. She then went to her file cabinet and got out the script for A christmas Carol and said "Well I would think you shoud start memorizing your lines then." In our next drama class she anounced that we would be putting on the play just before Christmas break and choose who would play each character, as well as who would be responsable for props, scenery and such. The play was very good I did the best I could and it was fun. I still would/could not write a journal entry for her but I have always loved her for her patience and caring. Today I write a column for a local newspaper now and again and I write constantly. I wish I could meet with that teacher and thank her, I would let her read everything I write and I might eben buy her a cup of tea. Most of my school career was unpleasent (I was never a very good student, lots of time in principal/headmasters office and not very keen on my lessons) but for the time I spent in detention with her. And while I am not a teacher I do teach and talk at schools whenever I am envited to and I enjoy it immensly.

Be good to yourself and those around you.

-- Daniel (truth60@yahoo.com), April 26, 2000.

Sorrry aboot the spellling and tyepos above but me tired and in a hurry (cooking dinner as I type) but I think you get the idea. : )

-- Daniel (truth60@yahoo.com), April 26, 2000.

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