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26 April 2000 Wednesday 20 Muharram 1421

ISLAMABAD: Many areas facing water shortage

By Our Correspondent

ISLAMABAD, April 25: Many localities in the capital area are facing water shortage, compelling the consumers to fetch the commodity from different areas. As a result of water scarcity the number of complaints made with the Capital Development Authority has increased. The authority is receiving 800 to 850 complaints a day against water shortage in these days.

Most of these complaints are made by the dwellers of G-9/1, G-9/2, Karachi Company, I-8, I-9, I-10, G-6/3 sectors. People of these areas complained that they were not receiving water for the last 20 days while the CDA was paying no heed to address the problem.

They accused the CDA staff deputed for water supplying through tankers of supplying water only to the influential or those who paid some money to the drivers. However, the CDA had started free water supply service through its tankers to the people of these areas.

When contacted on phone a senior CDA official told Dawn that the number of complaints about water shortage had increased due to hot weather. He said the CDA had a fleet of 39 water tankers out of which 28 were in operation while 7 remained standby for emergency duty.

SUCTION PUMPS seized: The official said that the authority had launched a driver against illegal suction pumps and confiscated 25 pumps from different localities during last week.

He said most of the people used these pumps to get water directly from the supply lines as a result of which the tailenders could not get water. He urged the consumers not to waste water and avoid frequent car washing so that the present reserves of water could be utilised till the end of the season.

-- Martin Thompson (, April 26, 2000


Another great piece, Martin. You are to be commended for staying on top of such a serious situation.

-- JackW (, April 26, 2000.

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