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Subject: 200 MILES/GALLON: Not a joke, a neccesity!

> > Greetings in the name of Sanity-- >

> Faced with the latest chapter in the orchestrated 'oil crisis', the public's > predictable reaction has been to clamor for benefaction from Uncle Sam. > Orwell's _1984_ relates the folly of beseeching a political solution to a > politically contrived problem: it's like begging your torturer to stop, and > feeling *grateful* for his periodic pauses. Public protestation is > ultimately ineffectual against those who arbitrarily manipulate oil prices.

> Neither can vain gestures like the "Gas-out" intimidate these moguls into > relinquishing their control over the US economy. If We the People desire > autonomy, we must rely on our own resourcefulness to *create* it.

This is > why, beginning with several short-wave radio programs, I've assembled a > growing, nationwide network of backyard tinkerers to fabricate simple


> Throughout the 20th century, Ford Motors, Shell Oil, et al have documented > gas mileage from 171 and 377 mpg (see --all it takes is a > *pure vapor* fuel system!

Engines actually run on FUMES ONLY, yet > conventional carburetors and fuel injectors WASTE fuel by spraying > non-combustible, *liquid* gasoline into engines. This method of wasting fuel > is the only reason why engines emit soot, toxic gas, or anything besides > harmless CO2 and water.

That's right: POLLUTION FROM VEHICLES IS > *PERPETRATED*--knowingly & needlessly--by the auto industry. And dare we say > "collusion?" This continual fuel waste artificially inflates consumption and > the price of OIL, and furnishes an environmental rationale for the EPA to > bulldoze over our private property rights! >

> On the other hand, there are some 240 patents for high-mileage, non-polluting > fuel systems (mostly barred from the market!) dating back to the invention of > the reciprocating engine. In general, they're methods of exclusively drawing

> VAPOR from the air space *above* the level of liquid fuel. For example, the > Wright bros.' carburetor (on display in Kitty Hawk NC) dripped gasoline onto > a hot surface, and the engine drew only the fumes. This meager trickle is > all that any engine needs, or can even use! >

> After perusing dozens of patents and conversing with several experts, I've > envisioned a fuel intake design that should prove simpler, cheaper and easier > to build and install than any "intellectual property" I've seen (a means of > annexing an ultrasonic vaporizer system onto the vehicle's air intake duct).

> Usually such ideas are patented, bought up, and permanently *shelved*; > however, THIS ONE WILL BE EXPLICATED FREELY--FOR THE PEOPLE! >

> This is a race; submit that we must flood the country with these home-made > devices before we're prevented on some federal pretext. Any interested > machinists, engineers and mechanics should contact me ASAP to participate in > this grass-roots movement to remedy the current economic downturn and our > trade deficit with OPEC. >

> (In many areas, alterations under the hood will constitute civil > disobedience...but should we need PERMISSION to extract full efficiency from > the gasoline we've paid for? Jesus said "...behold, the kingdom of God is > within you," so let's overcome this challenge like self-reliant, > self-directed Americans--not serfs supplicating to false 'lords'.)

> > NM, Russ Rosser > > ('You & I are to be one in Him')

> > H) 256-546-5945 > C).256-490-4158

> > c/o 304 Old Camp Rd. > Gadsden AL 35904 > >

-- ... (, April 25, 2000


What does> Jesus have to> do with gas mileage? If the fuel systems> are so easy to build> why not build and market> them yourself? Why do you have> to past messages with all the >>>>>'s in them?

If you can't figure out how to remove > from a message, what makes you think we should believe you understand something as compliacted as fuel systems?

-- Jim Cooke (, April 26, 2000.


No offense, but that's likely crappola. If it's true, why don't methane powered cars/buses go forever on a thimble of gas? And you're quoting Jesus in your technical release?

Come on buddy, sober up.


-- Someone (, April 26, 2000.

Knowest this--thy modern heavenly vehicles deliverest fuel by electronically controlled fuel injectors. Carburetors are banished from God's Kingdom. So be it.

-- (jesus@gasoline.alley), April 26, 2000.

Sounds like the article writer is another 'Sybil' case, flipping between alternative personalities.

-- haha (, April 26, 2000.

--... Interesting to note, you had not one English mispelled word, contray to those who called you drunk or a Religious Zealot. Please tell me more...

-- Human (, April 26, 2000.

I vaguely recall that such mileages are possible with a completely pressurized fuel system. But beyond high expense, the engineering difficulties involved low fuel capacities, very difficult refueling procedures, and the vehicle exploding like a Hollywood fireball in an accident. But other than that, it worked fine.

-- Flint (, April 26, 2000.


While I fail to see the point of mispellings since no one but you bought up the issue, perhaps you believe that "carburator" is a correct spelling. Makes you wonder about a person who's promoting something he can't spell, doesn't it?

-- Jim Cooke (, April 27, 2000.

Mr. Cooke, the answer is a resounding "NO"! I am old enough to have seen Heavens' talents placed in the most unusual places. Want to talk about that almost toothless old time mechanic who fixed my auto for a small sum, and before him, I had the auto big guys who charged me large sums, and da thing still wasn't right. Heavens' talent is dispersed, here and there, in my humble opinion. Too bad, my earthly talent isn't consistency nor accuracy in spelling.

-- Human (, April 27, 2000.

Mr. Cooke, you baited me, I fell. Good Show! Wonder if any others will pause to watch.

-- Human (, April 27, 2000.

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