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Has anyone else out there had problems occasionally with the metallic gold lettering and striping for Southern by Microscale? Every now and then, after applying the decals using the Micro set and Micro sol system, the decals turn a greenish-black in some areas, or just get dull altogether. I called Microscale and the gentleman I spoke with said he had never heard of the problem before. I don't seem to have this problem quite as bad, if at all, using SOLVASET. Is the gold oxidizing? HELP!! Thanks!

-- Chris Howard (, April 25, 2000


One of the Microscale setting solutions contains acetic acid (smells like vinegar) which I believe corrodes the metallic particles in the gold decal ink. Avoid using it or use it only sparingly.

-- Larry Puckett (, June 06, 2000.

Ive found that sometimes, using the miscroscale finishing system, the surface needs to be perfect for the decals to settle down on..the walthers solvaset is a lot stronger and so it tends to not matter as much. I think that your problem may be in part due to the decal not adhering to the surface properly. I don't use the miscroscale stuff on solid color decals, I use diluted solvaset, and then full strength. This seems to work, Ive painted some southern diesels for customers and not had problems with this procedure.

-- jeff briggs (, July 06, 2002.

I used Champ gold stripes and a lot of solvaset. It took work and patience, but it made it easier to follow the paint separations. If you don't nail the curve on the nose, the Microscales won't fit properly.

-- Bob Ayers (, June 04, 2003.

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