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Does anyone know when this line was acquired by the Southern? Also, if anyone has any information on the bridge over the Ocmulgee River (such as when built) between Telfair and Jeff Davis Counties, I would appreciate that info as well.


-- Stephen Flynt (, April 25, 2000


The corporate records turned over by Norfolk Southern to the archives at Virginia Tech might yield a clue. They hold records for the years of 1880-1881. If those are the ONLY records available, then surmising from those dates, the line would have been taken over by the predecessor to the Southern (which was either the Richmond & Danville or possibly the East Tennessee, Virginia, & Georgia) circa 1881-82. This era certainly corresponds with an major expansion period of either the R&D or ETV&G.

-- Matt Bumgarner (, April 25, 2000.

The Macon & Brunswick was absorbed by the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia RR in 1881. The ETV&G RR also absorbed the Selma, Rome & Dalton RR at about the same time. Over the next year a 141-mile extension was built from Atlanta Jct., south of Rome, to the former M&B at Macon.

The ETV&G Railway took over the ETV&G RR on July 1, 1886, and the ETV&G Ry went into the newly formed Southern Railway System on July 7, 1894.

-- Jack Wyatt (, April 25, 2000.

Stevephen: I responded to your question about Southern Railway trestle at Lumber City Ga. in another format. I think you may get some information from the Macon Telegraph. If you got other email from me, please advise. I have some information on the Lumber City trestle.

Roy M. McGregor Waycross, Ga,

-- Roy M. McGregor (, July 02, 2004.

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