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Lets see if this falls under the category of odds and ends.

I'm trying to use my H-P Color Inkjet printer to create my own decals. Problem I have is the ink smears on the decal paper even hours after it was printed. Has anyone ever used an inkjet printer to create decals? And how did you keep it from smearing? I heard there is some sort of spray you can use to protect the ink from smearing, but don't know anything about it. Anyone??


-- John Buckley (, April 25, 2000



I checked out there web ite. Thanks! I ordered their decal kit..Looks like exactly what I needed. I'll let y'all know how it comes out.

-- John Buckley (, April 25, 2000.

John - Here are a couple of answers that may help you. Check out the Web site for McGonigal Paper & Graphics They had a stand at the last Great Model R.R. Show at Timonium, Md. and were selling a decal making system for ink jet printers. They can also be e-mailed at Also, there was an article on making ink jet produced decals at home in the June 1999 issue of the NMRA "Bulletin" magazine. You could probably obtain a copy of the article from the NMRA Library in Chattanooga. Telephone 1-423-892-2846. Hope this helps.

-- Tom Underwood (, April 25, 2000.

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