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I work as a proffessional photographer in London UK & have recently tested both the cannon D1000 & the new entrance from Nikon ( model number unknown ), whilst both handled v-well i belived the Cannon's larger file grab size to be more suitable for my line of work ( mainly still life for the music industry )..... however in the UK the cannon costs around #12000 in comparison to the Nikon... coming in at around #3500......

I really need the file size supplied by the cannon but dont want to pay that much.... I already use the cannon eos system & have a few in the range, so in would be an obviouse move to stay with cannon...

However in view of the cost can anyone suggest an alternative, know of any developments for cannon to re-enter thhe market at the Nikon price range, know of a supplyer able to supply the cannon at a more realistic price..... ANY HELP WPULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED I AM DESPERATE !!! cheers benjenningsphotography@btin

-- ben jennings (benjenningsphotography@btinternet.com), April 25, 2000


Cannon has a new Cam. out EOS D30 Take a look at that one. It may be what you are looking for Peace Charles

-- Charles Finlay (charlesf@mac.com), June 04, 2000.

Cannon has the EOS - 1D, which is probablly more then what you're looking for, but probally worth looking at it as well. Great camera.

-- Arthur (joe@joe.com), January 29, 2002.

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