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I found this comment on E! Online's TV-Scoop: "Julianna Margulies is out, but our source still insists George Clooney is in for a surprise appearance on ER's season ender (May 18th)" Just thought I'd throw that out there at ya'll :) (Be reminded that they were the ones who said that Carter and Lucy were going to be shot, not stabbed!) So, guess we'll have to see!

-- Joy (joijoy@webtv.net), April 25, 2000


Thanks for the info, Joy! Why would Doug be in the season finale & not the May 11th eppy? Will he be in both? The rumors keep flying!

-- anne (sapphire_172@hotmail.com), April 25, 2000.

Gosh, I hope he's not back for (gulp!) Carol's funeral!

-- joy (joygirl01@yahoo.com), April 25, 2000.

Joy...don't even SAY that!

Honestly though, I have no idea why he would be back after she leaves...maybe they have a mix up and they both want to surprise each other: he comes to Chicago and she goes to Seattle! I don't really think that would happen on ER, but it's a funny idea, they do it all the time on sitcoms. I would be very disappointed for Doug to appear without Carol.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), April 25, 2000.

Elaine, you're right, that would be pretty hilarious!! I doubt it would ever happen on "ER," but could you imagine? Carol has this big, tearful goodbye with everybody. Then, the next week (and I guess it couldn't really be a WEEK that passed), Doug strolls into the "ER" with flowers, wondering why the rest of the staff is staring at him with such strange expressions on their faces...

Well, there was a Spoiler way back when that said she was leaving TWICE. Anyhow, I like to hold out the hope, so thank you, Joy, for this!! :-)

-- Arianne (CarolRossSusanGreene@yahoo.com), April 25, 2000.

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