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I would like some information on the advantages of one of these cameras over the other. I am a still shooter, but have tv video experience. A client wants me to shoot some video while I am in the field shooting stills. The end use is for a DVD program. I own the VX1000. The post-production house that will do the editing says they prefer the PD100A. Is there validity to their preference? Or are they trying to encourage the client to hire them for the shoot since I don't have the prefered equipment? I would appreciate a quick response, if possible. thx, michael lewis

-- Michael Lewis (, April 24, 2000


Micheal, The post house may perfer the "pd" because it can record in the DVCAM format. They may only be equiped with DVCAM decks in which case they would need your "VX" in house to load footage into their edit system. There are other advantages with this format including some additional information on the tape itself that can streamline the post process.

-- Greg Aiello (, May 16, 2002.

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