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Hello.. I have been having a problem making a vcd with ezcd... the creating your vcd process goes fine... and it starts to burn the cd. But.. it stops burning at the exact same place (after it has burned 30mb) and continues to close the disc. The Burning process stops. This happens with ezcd 3.5 and 4.0. Also.. is it better to make an image (cif) of the vcd, then burn the image.. or burn the vcd directly? And... is there any software that is better then ezcd.. and more realiable.. Thanks.


-- Mansur (, April 23, 2000


Well it might be something to do with your CD-R drive.... or some memory resident program that you did not shut down.

Also, Ez 4.0 seems to make the image first b4 buring anyway... so it won;t make much difference whether or not u created a cif file or not.

-- Flancer (, April 24, 2000.

When burning a CD, I typically create an image file to a drive that is empty (or has been defragged). Then when you burn from that image, the reading from the hard drive should be more efficient than if you are burning from the source files (if the source files are fragmented or distributed in multiple files, the the hard drive will have to jump around - increasing the chance of a buffering problem).

Try creating the image file and burn from it, but remember to put the image file on a well-defragged partition (otherwise there would be no benefit).

No guarantees that this will solve your problem, but you never know.


-- Jeff (, April 26, 2000.

There might be something wrong with your media also. I have samsung cd-r on which it is written 8X but it gives error when I burn cd at 2X. It becomes normal when I reduce the speed.

-- Emin IPEK (, June 26, 2000.

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