ez4.0 cant find mpeg player

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EZ 4.0 woks fine except for vcd's. After adding an mpeg to selection window says ez cant find mpeg player (active movie) Tried moving media player 6.4 around--no help, any help will be appreciated!

-- mike velte (velte@home.com), April 23, 2000


Although this problem may not be related you might try this. Check your "System.ini" for a line "MpegVideo="

It might say something like "MpegVideo=MciCinem.drv" or some other device. Change the *.drv to the windows default of "mciqtz.drv" so the line now reads: "MpegVideo=mciqtz.drv"

This will happen usually when some other DVD player or VCD application gets installed after EZCD. EZCD needs that line to reference the standard Windows Player. It's a common problem when guys first install the ATI AIW video card. During driver installation the ATI program changes the MpegVideo call which causes EZCD to not work (it needs the windows player to view and test the mpegs)

There's some more detailed information about the ATI card and some info on VCD creation using it and EZCD Video Creator on my web site.



-- Rich (richa@home.com), April 23, 2000.

I tried this last night, worked like a charm. I do not use an ati card, although it appears like the default driver was replaced by an xing driver. EZ CD aparently did not like that much. Changed it back to the default windows driver, flawless, set up and burned a vcd right after that. No problems.

-- matt (tyger@mediaone.net), April 24, 2000.

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