Premature end of script headers (what am I doing wrong?)v1.9 : LUSENET : S-Mart Shopping Cart : One Thread

I tried to install ver.1.9.5 and had some trouble because the instructions in the readme file seem to be for an older version... anyhow, I thought i got everything configured right but my error log continues to say :"Premature end of script headers:" If someone could take a look at what i'm doing and give me a few pointers, I would appreciate it. Thankss Carl

-- Carl (, April 22, 2000


ok, in case anyone else has this problem, i've figured mine out... After reading through some other postings i saw that someone mentioned that the S-Mart.txt should be renamed smart.cgi and that the readme was wrong, so i did that and took it one step further, i renamed the config file to smartcfg.cgi instead of smart.cfg, i also changed the smart.cgi require to reflect this change... and bingo, it works

-- Carl (, April 25, 2000.

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