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am trying to figure out how I can easily provide user queries and mass e-mailing functionality to users over the web. I must first preface that I am a Project Manager and not the technical expert. Perhaps I can describe my dilemma and you can shed some insight. I have a client database in SQL. Right now, it acts as a repository for client information. No search capabilities other than drop-down client lists. No current ability to query the database for certain information. I have been asked to bring in an interim solution for identifying clients that buy certain products and create an automatic e-mailing to all potential buyers without disclosing the other recipients. This solution will only be in place for 3-4 months. I am trying to find a low cost, quick "band-aid" solution. Here's what I need to do: Enable the user to select the product characteristics Query the database for clients that match the "profile" by 80% (Provides client name, company, and e-mail address) Produce a list of potential buyers for sales rep selection (Ability to omit certain buyers) Upon confirmation of recipients, direct the list to an e-mail application that will browse for an attachment and send to all buyers under a bcc: It is my understanding that ACT will allow you to send out mass e-mails. I am uncertain if it can link to a SQL db and perform queries. Also, I would need to give access to regional sales reps. I don't know if I could lay this software on my production server or run it off a designated box. If I did this, could my sales reps access this through the web? Also not certain if I could incorporate Outlook with some code that would feed over to MailSend. ??? My solution has to be FAST and CHEAP!! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2000



SQL Server will support your mass bcc e-mail needs.

SQL Server provides extended stored procedures (xp_startmail, xp_stopmail, and xp_sendmail) that allow you to send e-mail with attachments to a list of bcc recipients using a MAPI compliant mail server in the same NT domain that the SQL Server runs in.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, April 25, 2000

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