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Hi. I've lived on 6 acres for more then 5 years now but my husband is still a city boy. He hates that my chickens free range. Is there anything I can put down that chickens don't like to keep them away from areas. A smell? Garlic? Fencing is not an option, I like the fact they spread manure, eat bugs and have a better tasting egg by free ranging. Thanks

-- D Tur (, April 21, 2000


Birds can't smell. Maybe if you had a border collie to keep them herded away from certain places?

-- Rebekah (, April 21, 2000.

I think you'd have a much higher probability of success if you expended your energies toward training your husband. If you're successful, you have the makin's of a best-seller! GL!

-- Brad (, April 22, 2000.

Brad -- we'll have to talk to Maggie about that, Brad. Maybe she could give us some pointers???

D -- maybe instead of fencing the chickens in, you could consider fencing them OUT of the areas you don't want them in. That way they're still free range, but your husband would then have places outside he could go comfortably? Might try checking with him if it's the chickens or their leavings that bug him, too.

-- Tracy (, April 24, 2000.


Sorry I e-mailed you direct by accident instead of posting. Still new at this. Again, there is really no way to fence the driveway. That is where he usually steps in it.

-- D Tur (, April 25, 2000.

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