Dumb question about the HIV cocktail

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Hey everyone! This is kind of dumb, but I keep forgetting. The HIV triple cocktail that Jeanie was on was composed of three drugs, AZT, 3TC, and something else that I can't remember. I need to know what the third drug is for health class on Wednesday, because I opened my big mouth and asked my teacher what it was, and he didn't know so he asked me to find out and tell the class next Wednesday. I have no idea, and I can't find it anywhere, so I'm hoping that someone might be able to help. Thanks in advance for anything that you can tell me!

-- Lisa (Shaniakicks@hotmail.com), April 21, 2000


This comes from the altv website here......I hope this helps

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Actually, pretty unexciting from my standpoint. Nevertheless, on we go...

Jeanne is in the early stages of HIV infection evidentally, as the only thing she's on are the anti-retroviral medications. The ones she's getting are AZT, 3TC, and "a protease inhibitor." Each of them attack the replication of the HIV virus at one of the steps required.

-- Deb (KHege@AOL.com), April 22, 2000.

The protease inhibitor invirase (R) (saquinavir mesylate) and the nucleoside analogues AZT and Hivid (R) (ddc). If that makes any sense to you! Danette

-- Danette (bjpind@televar.com), April 22, 2000.

Yes, that helps a lot! Thank you both!

-- Lisa (Shaniakicks@hotmail.com), April 22, 2000.

Actually,triple drug coctail with a a Protease Inhibitor is pretty standard at any phase of infection.Although there is a new drug Sustiva,which I am on which is quickly replacing Protease Inhibitors as the standard drug of choice,because it has less side effects.Jeanie was relatively healthy from what I remember being stated as her T-cell count and Viral Load

-- Jenni (jennimom04@aol.com), April 24, 2000.

Thanks! I just hope I'll get extra credit!

-- Lisa (Shaniakicks@hotmail.com), April 24, 2000.

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