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What is the name of the Poem by Wiliam Blake, that Alan Alda (Dr. Gabe Lawrence) recited in episode 119 (The Peace of Wild Things), which aired on 11/11/99?

-- Joan Crook (, April 21, 2000


isn't it called "The Peace of Wild Things"? and also, i seem to remember reading somewhere that it really wasn't a william blake poem, and that it was written by someone else. i could be wrong, so if anyone knows better than me, feel free to correct me

-- Marcia (, April 21, 2000.

Check out the review for that epi. I seem to recall Phyl (?) specifically talking about that poem. And I think you're right Marcia, it was mentioned that maybe Gabe was all confused because of his disease, but the poem and the author did not match.

-- amanda (, April 21, 2000.

In the FAQ here, it says the poem was called "The Peace of Wild Things" and was written by Wendell Berry. Gabe's mistake about the author was probably because of his Alzheimer's.

-- Melanie (, April 21, 2000.

In case anyone might be interested, here's a bit more information. "The Peace of Wild Things" was first published in Wendell Berry's 1968 book OPENINGS. Berry is a farmer, poet, novelist, essayist, teacher, and lover of the land. He lives in Henry County, Kentucky. Last year he received the Thomas Merton award and in May will receive an honorary doctorate from Western Kentucky University. I have a book of his poetry, COLLECTED POEMS 1957 TO 1982, and "The Peace of Wild Things" is in it too. I think the writer's wanted to make the point that Gabe could remember a poem he'd learned thirty years before but not the poets name, though I'm not sure how we were supposed to know that unless you know Berry and Blake's work very well. And since the two poets have the same initials, I'm thinking it would have been more effective if he'd said something like Bob Dylan or that he couldn't remember the author. Anyway, it's a great poem. I was at a poetry workshop last weekend and everyone there was excited to learn that it had been included in an epi of ER.

-- Diana (, April 22, 2000.

The Tyger. "Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright! In the forest of the night. What immortal hand or eye Can frame thy fearful symmetry."

-- Monica (, April 28, 2000.

The Peace Of Wild Things, same as the episode.

-- Teddy (, June 17, 2001.

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