Has Reese been (gulp) Bobbed or Doyled? (spoiler info)

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Just curious: we haven't seen Peter's son in ages, since the beginning of the new year right? Can anyone recall him saying anything about Reese or the custody battle since Carla said they were not moving to Germany?

-- Larry B. (larrybro95@hotmail.com), April 21, 2000


Response to Has Reese been (gulp) Bobbed or Doyled?

Warning! Spoilers Below ********

In one of the preview spoilers for an upcoming epi someone said that when Peter and Cleo go to LA in this coming week's new epi, they go to visit Jackie and Reese (I think)...don't know why Reese would be in LA with Jackie...maybe all will be explained...but a case of Bobbing can never truly be ruled out...

-- nancy (ntc72@mailcity.com), April 21, 2000.

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