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So after watching last night's rerun where Carter was taking on more responsbility because he was a senior, I became pretty confused. I have always thought that he was a 3rd year resident...because the first year of his residency was spent as a surgical intern, and then he moved to emergency medicine. I also remember in a episode in season five (don't remember the name, only that Lucy was doing her psych rotation) where Carter was senior for the day for his application for Chief Resident. If this is the last year of his residency, then will he made an attending next year? Plus I know that Noah Wyle just signed a new contract, but if they give an attending position to every resident then there will be more attendings than nurses...

-- Emma (, April 21, 2000


Carter is indeed a 3rd year resident. He was taking on more responsibility because he wanted to be considered for Chief Resident "next year" (i.e. next season), which is a 4th year position.

-- Lynn (, April 21, 2000.

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