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I'm considering the purchase of an Alden Martin for use by an experienced ocean kayaker/sailor, but neophyte rower. It will be used exclusively in bay and mild-moderate open ocean conditions including frequent marsh and beach landings. My purposes include: (1) experience as much speed, grace and feel of sliding seat boat as possible in relative comfort,(2) exercise, and (3) possibly appreciating the meditative experience of repetitive motion. Any thoughts on this boat as versus other recreational boats? Thanks!

-- Mark Russo (, April 21, 2000


You are asking a bit much of the Martin which will be most satisfactory in calmer water. Compared to kayaks, you will be sitting 6" above the bottom of the hull. Most will find the 19" waterline beam to be rather tippy. I'd suggest the soon to be introduced Alden Horizon (17' an 24" beam), a rotomolded self bailing design. It will be rugged for beaching and un-floodable.

Ron Mu

-- Ron Mueller (, April 25, 2000.

Though I have rowed the Martin in quite unmild and immoderate weather and waves and have not totally swamped, it's not a meditative experience (unless you refer to "emotion recollected in tranquillity"). On the other hand, it will cruise nicely at a good hull speed, handle small, wind-driven chop and boat wakes well, is durable and beachable (flat bottom! no skeg!) for controlled groundings, has a bit of room for the beach-walking shoes, water, lunch, camera (?!), and uses the quick-to-remove Oarmaster. If you are not particularly large/heavy I believe that an Alden single (16') would provide lots more satisfaction in marsh exploration and would be a lot of fun in surprisingly choppy water (check out autobailers for the big stuff). The Alden double (18') will handle fairly heavy water as a single, or can be rowed as a double, or carry a passenger. In the latter two roles, though, I'd be a bit careful of the "moderate" open-water conditions.

-- John Stratton (, August 22, 2000.

Hi Mark If you are near an Alden dealer, ask to try the Alden Appledore. Better for choppy water but heavier than the Alden single. I own both and use both extensively. Ed

-- Ed Rogers (, December 11, 2000.

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