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We live in south Florida on the east coast. zone 10.25

We planted Denver Half Longs and Red Cored Chante's (sp).

We left them in the ground for over 140 days, they just did not seem to develop until the very end, Planted the first week of November. Our winter was very, very mild never really below 30 for very long, like 5 days max. (not rubbing it in, we're looking forward to some cold.)

We are using a raised bed squarefoot garden. We used peatmoss and composted cow manure for our soil supplements. And periodcally used kitchen vegetable scrap juices as watering additive.

The question is our carrots are nicely orange on the outside but when you look at the crosssection the they turn very pale quickly. Is this normal? This was our first carrot crop, and it's very tastey.



-- Perry (, April 20, 2000


It probably depends on the varieties you've planted. I've noticed the same thing with carrots we've grown. (Usually Danvers Half Long and Nantes).

-- Kathleen Sanderson (, April 21, 2000.

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