Examine dpi of Pictures in Books with Emoscop

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Emoscop is convenient for examine the lines per mm of printed pictures in various books.

I use an EMO-Optik Seibert Emoskop in microscope mode at 25 x to examine the B&W pictures in several books:

In the printed pictures, one lp = one black dot and one white dot = 2 dots.

The basic assceptable resolution is 4 lp/mm.

5 lp/mm produces good quality pictures..

This is a good guide for enlarging negatives based on resolution of lens, ie, 4 lpmm is acceptable, 5 lpmm is good.

Note: In all the printed pictures I have examined, the grid is not arranged in horizintal/vertical manner( ++) but at 45 degrees ( X ) manner.

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), April 20, 2000

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