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It's me again. This is kind of old and random, but I really want to say something about it. I just found that I had "Domino Heart" on tape and unfortunately taped over some of it, but I watched the ending scene and found it very sad and ironic and I don't *think* anyone has mentioned it. Lucy's comment to Luka (who is wonderful in this scene...very 'gallant', as he says) about how she was worried she would never completely fit in...but she was thankful to be the doctor and not the one on a gurney--this was only a few episodes before the stabbing, so it seems very sad and poignant, possible foreshadowing? Did the writers know then what was to become of Lucy? If they did, her comments seem almost devestating; I wish before her death they would have given her a moment of glory and accomplishment. And now we know she matched at this place she felt so uncertain about (maybe if they had given her more 5th seasonesque scenes and an improved friendship with Carter this feeling would have improved!) And her admitted fear came true--she was put on a gurney and they lost their fight to save her, just as she had been devestated to lose her fight for Valerie.

Poor Lucy...I still miss her.

-- Elaine (, April 20, 2000


I TOTALLY think it was meant as foreshadowing. It was right after watching that scene that I thought, "Oooh, I bet they kill her off." It just seemed like such a strange comment.

-- joy (, April 20, 2000.

I can certainly understand why you feel the way you do, Elaine, but consider this possibility...had Lucy gone out in a blaze of glory, feeling loved and appreciated by all, her death would have felt sort of...Hollywood-esque. The fact that things weren't going perfectly for her, and she wasn't feeling quite at home, and THEN had the horrible attack happen, made it feel a bit more real (for me, anyway). It illustrates how bad things just kind of happen sometimes, whether we're prepared for it or simply just trying to find our way through life.

But believe me, I understand what it means to want/expect more from TVland...I have enough of my own (somewhat unrealistic) expectations. It's interesting to wonder about what the writers might have done with her character had Kellie Martin not wanted out. I would have liked to have followed her development into a competant psychiatrist...certainly many juicy, relevant storylines...Lucy would be better than that dorky psych resident who always seems to come stumbling in later than when he's needed. So it goes.

-- nancy (, April 20, 2000.

I miss Lucy too.

-- sharon (, April 20, 2000.

Funny...I was watching my taped episode of that yesterday. I remember right after that first aired I heard the news that Kellie Martin was leaving the show, so I think by that point they started to have some idea. I was so happy for that scene that she verbalized how she felt and what we sometimes saw: that she sometimes did not fit in.

-- Larry B. (, April 21, 2000.

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