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FYI- For anyone interested in the whereabouts of ex-SAL/ACL/SCL rolling stock, a former SAL heavyweight 74-seat coach is located at Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, KY 12 miles southwest of Bardstown. Per their website (www.kyrail,org) the coach is a 1925 delivery from Pullman, and became No. 821 under SCL. Later sold to Clinchfield as CRR 103, it was donated to the museum in 1979. Currently it wears standard L&N blue with gold pinstripes, lettered Kentucky Railway Museum in L&N style lettering, and is named "Norris D. Parrish", and retains No. 821. It appears to be fully operational with complete interior and is modified with open sash-type windows, probably installed during Clinchfield ownership.

Also of much interest: L&N E6 #770 wearing faded blue and yellow with red nose emblem and pinstriping is present, in need of much work but a beautiful sight nonetheless. Did I mention the freshly-painted MONON BL-2? Well worth the trip.

-- bob venditti (, April 20, 2000


Bob, a number of years ago before the KyRM permanently located itself in New Haven, Ky. they stored much of their equipment just east of Louisville in Anchorage, Ky, readily accessible to all who knew it's whereabouts. The beautiful E6 was there along with a number of heavyweight coaches and a stainless steel streamlined coach lettered for the Clinchfield. There were also several old REA express reefers there and some old steamers. I continue to promise myself a trip to the Kentucky museum to revisit these and others....and to enjoy the excursion!

-- Mark V. Huband (, April 20, 2000.

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