Squeaky Dover door rollers

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Some of my Dovers have squeaky door rollers, I have tryed light weight oil and penatrating oil and they quit squeaking but it don,t last long at all, Other then changing the rollers wondered if anyone had a better idea. Thanks Larry LaMar Local 3

-- Larry LaMar (LWLaMar52@AOL.COM), April 19, 2000


Squeaky door rollers

If their are center opening doors, it could be the small cable tensioning rollers on each end of the track that are squeaking. I use One Lube for those and it works well. Just a thought.

-- Fred Loesch (fwldjl@rcn.com), April 21, 2000.

dover roller squeak

Clean all dat stuff you put on the rollers off..Go and get some baby powder and put on track and rollers.You will be amazed how long it will last ;>

-- rosco (rosco108a@aol.com), April 22, 2000.

squeaky rollers

Hey Larry! Don't listen to these guys! If you have squeky rollers, don't put ant type of oil or lube on them. There's only one manufacturer of rollers that require oil on them and that's GAL. Dover, Otis, Meco etc, all have a rubber "tire" on their rollers to eliminate squeking and extend roller life. Clean off those rollers and hangers and REPLACE them if needed.

-- Grey Ghost (tret@yahoo.com), May 08, 2000.

your hanger is not sqaure on the track

-- (gipper066@yahoo.com), July 09, 2000.


for dovers try using regular old bar soap on the track. it usually works for a month or two. woodman, local 140

-- rob (woodmann@qwest.net), August 01, 2001.

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