Hard water in tea kettles

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At one time I had read in a catalog about a "little" round gadget that you place in the bottom of your tea kettle that stops the hard water from turning into the hard white deposits. Does anyone remember where I can order one?? Also, I received information from a company, I think in California, about a water softener that does not use salt to soften hard water. Some kind of "osmosis" idea. The hard water only bothers me in the build up in the kettle and the hot water tank. Of course now that I need it I can not find their brochure. If any one knows of this I would appreciate your help. Happy Spring !!

-- Helena Di Maio (windyacs@ptdprolog.net), April 19, 2000


Don't buy a gadget! Save your money! Just boil some water with vinegar added to it. The acid eats the calcium. I discovered this when a jar of pickles broke in my waterbath canner that had hardwater deposits in it. Lost the pickles, but had a nice, shiny kettle! Carol

-- Carol (fchambers@mail.janics.com), April 19, 2000.

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