OT Gunman arrested after US shootings

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A gunman who shot dead two women and injured at least one other inside a building for elderly people in the United States has been arrested.

Police took 57-year-old Kenneth Miller into custody about three hours after the shooting began.

An emergency response team was called in and was able to gain entry to what was believed to be his apartment, Wayne County Sheriff Robert Ficano said.

The gunman, a tenant in the building in Lincoln Park, Michigan, killed the women after fellow residents criticised his inappropriate language, the authorities said.

Shortly before he was captured, the gunman's sons went on television to ask him to surrender.

The gunman had taken refuge in the upper floors of a 14-storey high-rise building.

Police said he had been moving from apartment to apartment and had fired out of several windows.

Members of the gunman's family said he had been involved in a long-running feud with other residents in the block.

The area around the building was sealed off during the stand-off, with the police advising people to stay indoors and keep away from windows.

Inappropriate behaviour

Apartment officials had summoned the man for a meeting after other residents complained that he behaved inappropriately, told offensive jokes and used foul language, said Phyllis McLenon, deputy director of the Lincoln Park Housing Commission.

"He was very upset, and was very upset with some of the ladies who were complaining about him," she told WDIV-TV.

Ms McLenon, who was employed at the old people's complex, said it housed 114 residents.

Ms McLenon said that after leaving the meeting, the gunman returned to the office with a rifle and shot two women.

He shot at others before retreating to the tower where he held police at bay before his arrest.

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