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CIFAS has relocated and is now based in new premises. See our website for the new address.

GAIN has relocated to Bradford with the CCTA.

Note: The Chairman of CIFAS has never been Cjairman of Registry Trust Limited. The information on your website is an error. Also your account of 'complaints' remains misleading and ommits details of Police and BT involvement in investigating the harassment.

-- CIFAS (, April 18, 2000


The Companies House records I have seen show the same name for the chairman of both companies.

We have no knowledge of the police or BT investigating CIFAS' executive secretary's claims that he was being harrassed by a telephone caller.

We wrote to both the police and to BT about CIFAS's complaints but have not heard from either of them.

We presume that the reason for this is that both BT and Scotland Yard are at a loss as to why CIFAS's executive secretary did not contact them when the calls started in August/September 1999. We brought the calls to their attention in November 1999 - shortly after CIFAS' lawyer told us that he was still being harrassed.

CIFAS' executive secretary contacted them at about the same time - shortly after we suggested to his lawyer that CIFAS should have called the police and BT in as soon as its executive secretary first received the calls.

We were also surprised that its executive secretary, who claims to have worked for BT, did not appear to consider the calls serious enough to warrant taking BT's own advice to recipients of malicious phone calls. That advice is contact BT immediately so that it start its clearly set out procedure for tracking such calls and dealing with the offenders.


-- Lee (, April 19, 2000.

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