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Hello everybody,

I have heard a lot about Pyro and PMK (they refer to the same thing, right?) anyway I tried to get it over here in Spain with no succes. nevertheless I found a really nice chemestry (hope I worte it right) place where I can buy anything related to chemicals. SO.... I was woundering if anyone could write the formula so I could buy the ingredients and mix it by myself. (and the way to do it) thanks In advance. Diego K.

-- Diego K. (, April 17, 2000


Unless there is someone who wants to do a lot of typing, you would be better off to get The Book of Pyro by Gordon Hutchings, there are many pyro formula's and they are not all the same. Try Ed Buffaloe? website Regards, Pat

-- pat j. krentz (, April 17, 2000.

Diego: Desde Argentina estoy probando la frrmula del buenlsimo de Peter Dunnan, que el bautizr Illumitol. The sugiero que busques su frrmula en la p`gina principal, en el artlculo Taming Pyro. Me resulta excelente, ayn en los tres intentos de dominar a este tigre salvaje que es el pyro. Conectate conmigo, compartamos esta locura. La resolucirn y el detalle en las sombras no se entiende. Tampoco se entiende porquh no se usa mucho m`s. Anda muy bihn con FP4, HP5, TMax y se copia b`rbaro en papel multigrado. Un abrazo. Claudio

-- Claudio Szarfsztejn (, April 17, 2000.

Diego, Try . There you can click onto the British site with prices in British pounds and shipping prices for Europe. Under Photographer's Formulary in the product catalogue by manufacturer you can find PMK. I live in Vienna, Austria, and the shipping cost for PMK was almost twice as much as the cost of the product itself! It seems they would only ship it overnight with Federal Express. I believe it has to do with shipping hazardous chemicals. I don't know what it would be to Spain. Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (, April 19, 2000.

Thank you very much for your answers, Claudio kindly sent me a few fomulas to try, so Ill take my time, and get back with some observaions, thanks again. Diego K.

-- Diego K. (, April 23, 2000.

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