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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone could tell me, and I'm sure someone will know the answer, what years did SCL run GP-30's and did any make it into the Seaboard System/Family Lines transistion. If so, were they changed into different numbers.

Thanks John

-- John Buckley (, April 17, 2000


See I knew you guys would know the answer! Thanks for all the info..very helpful indeed..


-- John Buckley (, April 19, 2000.

if this helps acl gp30 nos 900-908 nondynamic blt 1/63 sal gp30 nos 500-534 dynamic brakes blt 11/62-1/63 sal 534 is ex gp30 demonstrator 5639 blt 3/62 all scl gp30 units were retired by seaboard system between 1984-1986 a few were rebuilt into csx road slugs

-- michael gilmore (, April 18, 2000.

I have a color slide of GP30 #1389, in full SBD dress, taken at BPT in Richmond, Va. on 12/21/83. This is the only shot I have of a GP30 wearing SBD colors in service. On 9/1/84, I shot SCL GP30 #1329 and FLS/SBD GP30 #1355 in storage at Hamlet, NC, with many other GP30's and GP35's. Unfortunately, I did'nt make a list as we walked down the line. Hope this is of some help.

Russell Underwood

-- Russell Underwood (, April 18, 2000.

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