Minox Riga, a few questions.

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I have recently purchased a Minox Riga

The condition is generaly pretty good for the year, apart from a ding in one end and the slow speeds are a bit sticky.

My questions are,

1) Can anyone reccomend a good repairer / restorer who can give it a good clean and lubricate. The last place I took a Minox III for this service knackered my camera and charged me #7.50 for the priveledge.

2) Would it be possible or worth it to get the ding removed, or the case restored.

3) What is it worth at the moment as it is, and what would it be worth restored.

I am not planning on selling it but, I am new to the Rigas and have little experience of them.

Any help would be greatly received.


mark S Forster.

-- Mark Forster (forster@globalnet.co.uk), April 17, 2000


For repair, click on "Publisher" and go to "Repair" section

-- martin tai (martin.tai@capcanada.com), April 17, 2000.

MS Hobbies in England can also service Rigas. Their URL is: http://mshobbies.com/ Ask for Steve Britton and say "Hi" from Duncan!!

Best Wishes, Duncan.

-- Duncan (airborn@swipnet.se), October 13, 2001.

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