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I have posted a new option in Smart-Store. HelpVoice.

On the storefront: A href=" ">HERE

Then on the Bevis$Butthead page:

Our company has a secret site under development and this is a freebee for our friends at S-mart. The code will be available soon. This snippet works perfectly in newer browsers, streams in IE5.0.

It is brain dead easy. You can put descriptions, pitches, etc. into the store through the administrator and use it for all kinds of other things like customer support, etc.

The critical member of our programming "dream team" (Eddie) is in Florida, but when he comes back we will rewrite the new scripts and put together some kind of new distribution (tar, zip) for posting to the group. Thanks, Greg

-- Greg Swofford (, April 17, 2000



-- Patrick Chan (, April 18, 2000.

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