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Can anyone recommend an instructional video or book for the novice sliding seat rower? I just got a shell, but have never rowed sliding seat before and thought a video might be a good idea before taking the plunge. (pun intended)

-- Charles Thompson (, April 16, 2000


Although I cannot recommend one above another, there are three sculling technique videos and perhaps a dozen instructional books for sale by the Alden Rowing Shells catalog. (The books section was formerly a separate Alden business called The Rower's Bookshelf, but it's all one now.) Call (800) 477-1507 for a catalog and maybe discuss your needs with someone at Alden who can recommend videos and books.

And let us know about the ones you find the most useful.

-- David Stookey (, April 17, 2000.

Charles - I'm a novice as well, but have yet to decide what shell would be best for my needs. I've asked to same question you're asking here and the book that was recommended to me was The Art of Sculling and the video was Rowing 101 or Sculling 101. They can both be found by going to and the company was Watermark which I think is the same as that Alden that David mentioned.

-- Paul Mueller (, June 23, 2000.

Dear Charles, The best video I can recommend you is GRE SCULLING by ARA (the British amateur rowing association). Naftali

-- Naftali Kidron (, July 16, 2000.

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