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I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Even though world and local news is state of the art here - my exposure to what is happening in the photographic world is limited to what I read in Photo District News or at "The Digital Journalist". So, I have a long winded question. I recieved an e-mail about the potenial problem some photographers in France are facing with a new CorbisSygma contract for both staff and freelancers. The e-mail came from my US based agency but orginated from Frederic Neema which I believe worked for Sygma before Corbis bought it. I meet Fredric around 1987/88 when he was here in Dubai shooting the "Tanker War" in the Arabian Gulf for Reuters. So, he is not a new comer to the business.

According to the e-mail, CorbisSygma has distributed a contract to the staff that was really meant for freelancers. I have not seen the contract, but according to the e-mail it is suppose to be terrible. My question is " Is the same happening in the States or other regions with CorbisSygma photographers and freelancers??

From articles in PDN there seems to be a trend of large corporations buying up photo agencies/libraries such as Getty. Will this be the fate of freelance photographers - take it or leave it contracts?? The reason some of us are freelancers is the independence to say "yes" or "no" to work and I guess the same goes for bad contracts-if you can afford it in the short run. Because in the long run it will only hurt photographers to accept bad deals, whether it be assignments or contracts.

Ferderic is asking for help. In a show of support he and other sygma photographers are asking for supporters to send a postcard to them. The postcards will be put in a clear box at Sygma's office so when the CorbisSygma boys come to Paris they will see it. the address is as follows:

Corbis Sygma Lassociation des photographes de Sygma 74 bis rue Lauriston 75016 Paris, France

If you want to know more you can send Frederic an e-mail at: or visit his web site

Thanks for your time,

Charles Crowell ( )

Fredric is asking for some help

-- Charles Crowell (, April 16, 2000


hi, dear sir, i,m a iranian freelance photographer.i,ve many pictures from, iran, in any background .and also, you, can see my sample photos, in this address: i, want to cooperation, with your agency.can i?please tell me.thanks. best regards:siavash

-- siavash habibollahi (, August 09, 2003.

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