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In Fridays Christian Science Monitor Todays Article on Christian Science starts out

In preparation for this past New Years Day, I bought a few gallons of bottled water and planned on filling my car with gas. But frankly, I hadnt been too concerned about things.

Then my wife scheduled a flight. After all the jokes Id made about flying on New Years Eve, she was going to do just that. Suddenly, I realized that maybe I really did have some fears about what could happen.

There are times when I feel acutely aware of the present moment and how nothing is certain about the future. These tend to occur driving home late after midnight. Most times I am just busy with my usual routine. Even prepping for Y2K was part of the routine, part of the game of being ready for strange adult emergencies. But, like the writer, making travel plans near the rollover brought the present into focus, wondering what was really going on in the world.


-- dandelion (golden@pleurisy.plant), April 16, 2000

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