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It seems that Luka and Carol have very good chemistry. Now I know that she'll probably end up with Doug at the end of the season. However, do you think that there's a chance that Carol will fall in love with Luka? I could see it happening.

-- Jesse (, April 15, 2000


Neither one of them is ready to move on. Carol obviously still carries a torch for Doug (and he for her), and Luka is still not at a stage where he can move on from what he left and lost. Any attraction is more or less a longing for what they don't have, rather than true feelings for the other person. JMHO.

-- Arianne (, April 15, 2000.

I agree with Arianne. I think Luka is still so in love with his wife and family and just misses them so much. I don't think he, or Carol for that matter, is ready to move on yet.

-- amanda (, April 16, 2000.

It's so sad to me that after all these months of Luka and Carol being friends, spending time together, him caring about her girls, it never occurred to her to ask to see a picture of his family-- until someone ELSE brought up the fact that maybe, just maybe, Carol's two kids reminded him of the two kids he lost. (Sorry about the run-on sentence). His face was so beautiful when he brought out the picture of his wife and daughter, and when he closed his eyes to "see" Marko, and when he thanked Carol for asking. Made me want to cry.

-- Felicity (, April 16, 2000.

Arianne, what does the initials JMHO stand for?

-- Paula (, April 16, 2000.

JMHO -- "Just my humble opinion."

-- Arianne (, April 16, 2000.

Perhaps it did occur to her (and others) to wonder about Luka's family or past, but they thought he might not take it well if they asked.

-- Seb Davies (, April 17, 2000.

I personally don't think Carol is right for Luka. Second, I think it it totally inappropriate for her to start anything with him. And personally, I just think he is just being a nice guy. He is probably lonely and glad that he has a friend in Carol. Nothing else. And that's my humble opinion.


-- Mary (, April 17, 2000.

I believe it did occur to Carol and the others to wonder about Luka's family, only in our culture it's not typical to bring these types of things up. It's the way the world works; I don't feel Chuny, Conni, or Carol acted insensitively.

-- Arianne (, April 17, 2000.

I for one don't have a big thing invested in the Carol & Doug story, and I've thought since the beginning of the year that Luka & Carol had great chemistry- they even have the eastern European thing they share, albeit from different countries. If Carol's so inclined toward Luka (and who wouldn't be, eh?) Luka would be a great mate for her, and I don't think he'd let her down the way Doug has in the past. They even look great together! I know the story won't be traveling this road however, but more's the pity.

-- Emma (, April 17, 2000.

I suppose they do have a certain subtle chemistry (Julianna Margulies and Goran Vis--uh, I won't even try to spell it), but it can't ever begin to compare to the on-screen chemistry between Julianna Margulies & George Clooney. I suppose that is JMHO, but it's pretty damn near close to fact!! :-P

-- Arianne (, April 18, 2000.

I've been watching the reruns on TNT for a while now and a local station shows two epis each weekend (right now they're near the middle of season two). The chemistry between Doug and Carol is certainly amazing. I think if I didn't have that to compare to, then Luka and Carol would work for me. Of course, since JM is leaving, that won't happen anyway. I still think Luka would have been good with Lucy, but that's not to be. Maybe he could thaw Cleo out! Peter doesn't seem to have yet. Just kidding.

-- Diana (, April 18, 2000.

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