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I mean, he's cute and romantic, but realistically, he's such a jerk! He didn't return when Carol told him she was pregnant with his babies...I was frustrated. He didn't come back WHEN THEY WERE BORN...I was really frustrated...And now he's making her come to him and he hasn't come back (except has he? I dunno, the writers may be hiding something. In that case, if he has visited, I stand corrected) but isn't he kind of not worth the time? He abandoned a son years ago and now two daughters. How could he suddenly change?? I dunno, it's all crazy!!! He should have come back for "Great Expectations"!!!

What do you all think? I know people are going to bite my head off for dissing Doug -- this is going to be interesting!! :-)

-- Katie (, April 15, 2000


I was thinking about when DOug might possibly have been able to visit the girls, and if he was unable to see them immediately after they were born, there is no telling that he did not see them within the 6 weeks Carol took off after their birth. Also, I can't believe that he would have let Christmas go by without coming down to see his children. Just because we did not see him on an episode does not mean he is not still involved.

Also, although I have rapidly grown tired of the whole Doug/Carol thing, I do have to say that he has not entirely been a jerk here. Carol told him that she didn't want him around during the pregnancy, birth, etc. and he respected her wishes. She also had made it very clear that it was important to her from the beginning of their relationship that he respect her wishes. I think she finally agreed to see him after the twins were born, so he could see them, and they could see him.

I think his character would have called and talked to Carter after his attack, and he probably is in contact with Mark as well. Just because he went to another state does not mean that he has fallen off the planet.

Just a thought or two... Anyone else?

-- Laura (, April 15, 2000.

In "Match Made In Heaven" it was revealed that Doug HAS seen his daughters, seemingly several times or on somewhat of a regular basis. He abandoned Chicago, not Carol. She was very firm when telling him not to return for her pregnancy -- he shouldn't have listened, but he wanted to respect her space. Also, Carol went into labor early. He may have planned some time off around her due date (even though, it seems, twins usually come early), but being that their daughters were premies he couldn't be there. Her maternity leave was an ideal opportunity for him to spend quality time with his daughters, which we know he has done. Also, it appears that he's been asking Carol to Seattle frequently, or at least more than once -- perhaps they were only speaking of the time last year, we don't know.

It would be great for him to return for her because it would finally (hopefully) end her insecurities and doubts of his love for her. Mark was there for Doug when Ray Ross passed away, so with what seems to be the impending death of David Greene, Doug should and would want to be there to support Mark. JMHO.

-- Arianne (, April 15, 2000.

It would be great to have him back to not only get Carol, Tess, and Kate but to give a few supporting words to Mark about his father and maybe check on how Carter's doing. But, we all know time is running out and if he were to come back, having him have his primary moments with Carol and his daughters, plus moments with Mark and Carter probably would be too much to fit into one (most likely not two) episode.

-- Elaine (, April 16, 2000.

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