What are you favs?

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Ok what are your top 3 fav PSX games mine are.....(1.Final Fantasy 8) (2.Lunar Silver Star Story Complete) (3.Monster Rancher 2) be seein' ya

-- Phoenix Masta (Kamehameha123@cs.com), April 15, 2000


Before I played MR2, I never really played RPG games and things of that nature. I mainly play sports games. As of now here are my top 3:

1.)Monster Rancher 2
2.)NHL 2000
3.)Civilization 2

-- Tony (amcdaniel@riteaid.com), April 15, 2000.

Well...even though I don't have one...I've played it and I"m going to get it soon....hopefully.

1) Armored Core (Don't have)

2)FF7 (much better than 8, in my opion only of course)

3)Lunar Sliver Star Story (Beat it. Waiting for part 2)

-- CHB (cyberhillbilly@yahoo.com), April 15, 2000.

I'd have to go with...

1) Monster Rancher 2

2) Tony Hawk Pro Skater (YEA ALL THE WAY)

3) Grand Theft Auto 2(don't own)

-- Magma Bird (flashrun@altavista.com), April 15, 2000.

I'm gonna be one of the few here not sayin' MR2 is my fave... and even if it's addictive as it is, and I'm playin' it more right now...

1. FF7

2. MR2

3. N20

Honorable Mention includes Twisted Metal 2 and SF Alpha 2, and who CAN'T love South Park: Chef's Love Shack?

=^..^= Meow! =^..^=

-- PezCat (prismblade@usa.net), April 15, 2000.

1) MR1 2)GT2 3)MR2

-- J (nemesis_7777@yahoo.com), April 15, 2000.

yeah ff7 has a better story than ff8. 1.mr2 2.ff7 3.energiez{old but cool}

-- Suezo28 (Tobias17@theglobe.com), April 16, 2000.

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