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Rosie, the calf, is getting antibiotics for a cough. The last 2 times we've given her a shot she has went lame on the side she gets the shot. First the left then today the right side. I guess we hit a nerve or something? She's so skinny we can hardly find a place to give it but we've been going for the hip, she has a little meaty place at the top of the hip area. I've heard you can do it in the nexk muscle but we can't find anything there except skin & bone. She recovers each time after about 3 hrs. but we're afraid we are are going to damage her. Has anyone had this problem? Any advice?

-- Sherrie Holcomb (, April 15, 2000


Sorry - I forgot to tell you to massage the area after the shot.

-- Pat (, April 15, 2000.

It's me again. I see my first message never made it. Anyway, we give our shots under the skin of the neck. Not in a muscle!! A farmer friend told me he never gives a shot in the rump! I tried it one time and just about got myself kicked. That's what we do anyway.

-- Pat (, April 15, 2000.

Sherrie, Call me lazy but I buy the antibiotic you give subc.(under the skin), not all can be given that way but the selection is growing. It is just easier esp. if you have a thin animal. You might want to give it a try, never heard of anyone paralyzing an animal with an injection into a nerve but always heard it was possible. Hope your calf is feeling better. karen

-- Karen Mauk (, April 16, 2000.

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