April 14th episode

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You know, I was really thinking after this episode, and I think I liked it quite a lot. I saw the chemistry between Mark and Elizabeth is kind of going to the end, if I caught that right. I also saw Luka's past which was really sad and reminded me the Croatian war stories. Lucy was back - just her name. It was brief but It still makes me thinking about the whole thing. Seems to me Carter is still suffering from PTSD. It doesn't seem to be short. I really think he needs someone who can talk with an OPEN MIND. Chen was - nah, Deb, nah jing-mae, not so good. I didn't know Dave was such a man like that! He should understand Carol's status and the single mom's. Hmmmm... Disappointment.... Does Anybody think Doug's gonna show up? Very questionable.

-- Kilim Felicity (kilim@sfu.ca), April 14, 2000


I, too, have my doubts about Doug Ross popping into County before Carol leaves. I read some of the comments on last night's ep before I watched my tape, so I wasn't so taken aback by the *sudden revelation* that Doug sees Carol & the girls. Really enjoyed the scene with Luka telling Carol about his kids -- he seemed so happy to be finally able to tell someone about them. It was like "Hey, I have/had a family too! Here are my memories. . ." Also like Luka's short pause before telling his patient that he wasn't married. Very effective.

I am sad to see things on the down swing with Mark & Elizabeth. I think they are a really good couple, and it would be nice to see *someone* on the show have a lasting & stable relatiohship without being writtnen off so we could just assume it was so! (whew!)

Cleo was *great* with the kid in the car accident. Her scenes with Benton seemed a little "?" though, as I do feel they put them together too quickly. Elizabeth was right on, IMHO, though -- she should have been consulted. Loved Yosh interuppting Cleo & Peter's 'discussion' -- there's a character I would like to see more of.

-- Michelle (michw_316@yahoo.com), April 14, 2000.

I kind of liked that Dave was shown to have such an...immature attitude. I guess I want a legitimate reason not to like him. Poor guy, no one was there to do his scut work for him...let's all have a pity party....

I'm also rooting for M and E to break up, and I think David Green as the thing that comes between them will give a possible break up a certain reality, more than E and Peter's breakup had.

Doug...hmm...I think the writers could possibly do a decent job of ending the saga without Clooney's physical presence. As long as it's done well I don't care if he's there or not. Or I guess I should say, I'd rather see it done elegantly without him than some cornball "Storm" style story with him actually there.

Poor Carter, I thought he might make me cry during this epi...I guess it'll be OK if he suffers so long as there's an end in sight, followed by some true happiness/fullfillment (either in a potential wife or some really satisfying work experience sort of like Carol's clinic was for her).

-- nancy (ntc72@mailcity.com), April 14, 2000.

It seems like the whole Benton/Cleo thing is just a thing. They're playing a game. Where can we get close and comfy this week?

-- Joanne (bucklind@hotmail.com), April 15, 2000.

So I don't think that Dave's reaction to Carol was that bad. I know several people who believe that children are a choice and that special exceptions shouldn't be made for working parents. I was glad to see that someone wasn't supportive of Carol's decision, it made it more realistic. I'm really glad that Lucy was mentioned, although I hope this isn't the last we hear about her. I thought it was interesting that Carter held onto the letter for so long. I've decided that I would love to see Carter be in a brother/sister type relationship before the writers put him in another romantic relationship. Even though Carter might have had a little crush on Susan at the beginning, I loved that he would ask her opinion about things. For example, I loved it when he asked her advice about a Christmas gift for Harper. I don't think that Doug will be coming back. It will be interesting to see how they write Carol out.

-- Emma (webbef@hotmail.com), April 15, 2000.

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