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I live in norhtwest, virgina .Am i too far north to grow peanuts ? Does any one have a reciepe for peanut butter? Growing them was a thought for next year. thanks becky

-- Becky (, April 14, 2000


My brother grew peanuts in Illinois once. To make peanut butter, just grind the peanuts, add salt if desired and a little oil if needed to make smoother. Does anyone know about the dangers of aflotoxin on peanuts? How common is it?

-- barbara (, April 14, 2000.

From what I've read, aflatoxin (sp?) is present in humid growing areas, but that is all I know. Try asking on the Seeds of Change forum, but don't subscribe to their email list - I got a nasty virus from it. The folks are very knowledgeable there.

-- Jean (, April 14, 2000.

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