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First of all, what does bi-polar mean??? Second of all, is it just me or is he having a hard time remembering things? In "Viable Options" was he covering himself or did he really not remember anything about that boy? Some people are saying that he will try to commit suicide. I am sorry, but from my years expierience with Carter, that is just not something he would do. If you have any answers for me please respond!

-- Stephanie (, April 14, 2000


Why doesn't everyone just calm down about speculation about Carter? I don't think I've ever watched another TV show where fans got so hysterical about the slightest whiff of rumor from a tabloid. Or "something I read." You could probably start a rumor that the whole cast was scheduled to be killed off in a sweeps massacre, and half the fans reading it would believe it as gospel truth. The bi-polar comment about Carter came from the STAR long before the sweeps episodes were probably even written. The STAR has been known to be inaccurate in the past about upcoming events on TV shows, especially ER. Sorry for the lecture but I can't believe how fans of this show over-analyze every tiny tidbit they hear or read... why not just watch the show and enjoy where the writers are taking you... the only thing that's clear is that Carter is going to be having worse emotional problems and may be going to prescribe some sort of pill for himself. The only thing about "bi-polar" is some dubious report in a tabloid mag. Get a hold of yourselves, please! :-)

-- debbie (, April 14, 2000.

I don't think he is having memory problems. At first, I did really think he had forgotten the diabetes kid (he was pretty convincing to me when Cleo first challenged him with it), but as soon as he met up with the father he started arguing with him about the agreement they had made. He remembered everything then, so he was faking to protect himself.

-- Becky (, April 14, 2000.

Cone on, Debbie! Part of the fun of reading the posts on this site is the speculation and wild possibilities. One of the most fun threads was the one about the personality adjustment where everyone took on the ER characters' personalities and said what we really WANT to hear on the show and haven't yet...or what we'd like to hear but know the characters would never actually say. It's just fun to have a place to speculate and share with other people who love this show and know it and the characters so well! Keep those wild and crazy ideas coming, folks!

-- Diana (, April 14, 2000.

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