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This is the first time I've posted here so please bear with me if I don't do it right.

I keep seeing speculation about an upcoming suicide/attempt by a character. I don't know where the rumor has come from since I've been trying to avoid spoilers.

But last night's episode has me very worried about Mark's dad. (My grandfather recently passed away after a very long illness, so I think I'm particularly tuned into this subplot.) Anyway, watching Mark's treatment of his father -- and his father's resulting experience of having no autonomy/control -- has me wondering if *he* could be the one who's attempt (or commit) suicide. If I'm correctly remembering from what I've read, elderly men are the second-highest group at risk for suicide (after older-adolescents/young-adults.) (Veterans, in particular, frequently do it with guns.) Is there a reason all the suicide speculation seems to have been centering around Carter?

I don't have time to watch the show absolutely every week, so I may have missed something. I hope this isn't a stupid question.

-- Elizabeth (, April 14, 2000


You may be on the right track about Mark's dad. Mark isn't giving him much say in his treatment. He seems to be missing the point that what his dad wanted was to not be a burden. If you've watched Third Watch, you may have seen the storyline about the paramedic's dad who is depressed over losing his wife and not taking his medication. He almost died from that this week. Wonder if ER and Third Watch are sharing plots as well as producers, director and writers?

-- Claudia (, April 14, 2000.

I totally agree with you Elizabeth...I had made a post like this earlier this week. I definitely feel that any suicide attempt would be by David Greene. I have even thought about an assisted suicide. Maybe he would confide in Elizabeth his wishes. She seems to be his only ally.

-- amanda (, April 14, 2000.

I am really beginning to think this is where they are headed. Last night in the final scene with Mark and his dad, that poor man was almost completely stripped of his dignity. Mark was trying to be kind and supportive, but he just kept making it seem like David was a child. It was such a sad thing to watch.

-- Rachel (, April 14, 2000.

I agree that Mark's dad might be the suicide referred to in other spoilers. Between his pride and the pain, he's the perfect candidate, I'm afraid.

-- Diana (, April 14, 2000.

I think the final transition in life comes when we become our children's children. I know this sounds confusing... but someone said that there comes a point when we (as parents) go from throwing our arm in front of our child as the car quickly stops, to where our child throws there arm in front of us. It made sense to me anyway, and I think Mark is now at the point where the best way he knows how to show that he loves his Dad is to take care of him. Mark's challenge is to remember that his Dad is an adult whose wishes need to be respected. I think the writers have a great story line here, an Elizabeth could play a major role.

-- Deb (, April 15, 2000.

I already mentioned how I think this would be an interesting way to go. But if anyone caught that really short shot of Mark in the previews for May, he looked like HELL. Now, chances are he'll look like hell however his Dad dies. But I think that shot right there is hinting at the Mark to come. I'm curious to see how Mark would deal. It seems to be a situation for guilt.

-- Joanne (, April 15, 2000.

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