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I owe money to various credit card companies, and I went to see an advisor at the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. Because of my circumstances, she suggested that I make token payments which most have accepted. However, HFC Bank have now passed me on to a company called Debt Recovery and Litigation Services, who have written various threatening letters (in yellow stationery to boot) and they are now threatening to send a collector to my house unless I divulge employer dtails, etc. I do not want to be harrassed at work - besides because I work at a call centre all calls are recorded. Have these companies any right to demand this sort of information?? Please help Desperate

-- Rather Not Say (, April 13, 2000


let them threaten all they have offered token payments and they seem to think they should have the worked for me when i told them that i would lose my job if they hasstled me at work. they need you to have an income if they are to get anything at all off you.oh by the way you dont ever have to even talk to a so called debt collector in the unlikely event they bother to act on their inhumane threats. hope this helps and please dont worry(i owed #12000 on cards of which most of it was cash to pay my mortgage!!!!!!)

-- paul (, April 14, 2000.

I had a similar experience with HFC Bank. I have debt problems, one of which is a computer financed through HFC. I have made arrangements through Citizen's Advice Bureau, but HFC used to call me at ungodly hours with threatening undertones in their calls and letters. They advised me that CAB couldn't help as they weren't legally empowered to help. My husband replied saying that if CAB couldn't help then why have they helped so many people.

Don't take their threats lying down. If necessary, go through your local CAB who will write to them on your behalf.

You'll eventually come to some arrangements.

Good luck


-- Ann McEwan (, May 02, 2000.

Creditors cannot harass you (Administration of Justice Act 1970(? I think) Section 10 (??I think).

Write and tell them to desist, quote the above.

Re phone calls, buy an aswerphone to screen all your calls, they eventually put it in writing, which is easier to deal with.

Duff email address so don't try and use it.

-- too dodgy (, July 12, 2000.

Anyone reading this from the CAB will agree,they are not legally bound to deal with this sort of problem ,only help advise and help you sort out your Debt problems with you ,which they do an excellent job! Should you feel that you are being harrassed ,you should make a complaint to your Local Trading Standards Dept Also many do not realise that these calls come at certain times many companies use computer aided diaries and the computor dials out for them! So next time keep calm ,make a note of the persons name and company they are using-and keep a log of the frequency of the calls and then make a formal complaint to Trading Standards, only with this sort of information can they proceed should they think you are being harrassed!

Charles Twford

-- charles twford (, July 12, 2000.

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