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I like to consider myself a video game scientist... as is, I have two experiments "in progress," my Loyalty/Foolery experiment, and another test to see what kind of lifestyle the monster has affects his/her/it's performance.

Anyways, I am embarking on a third and exiting experiment... I have titled it the "Crash and Burn" test. I have ordered the Best of Bastard!! soundtrack off the internet. My best friend, "Hyena", wants it as well, so I am going to ask a mutual friend to burna copy of it for her. Before it is burned, I will see what monster the soundtrack gives me, and I'll see if a blank CD gives up a monster. Then, after my friend burns a copy of the soundtrack, I'll see what the burned copy gives me.

I'll keep you guys posted on how my experiments are doing...

"Don't worry, be happy these damn restraints work!"

-- Justice (, April 13, 2000


interesting idea, justice. i don't know anything about this, so shoot me down if this is expensive/impossible, but it would be interesting to 1] burn less than all of the tracks 2] rearrange the tracks 3] burn it backwards or garbled in some other way. if these all came out the same, that would be strong evidence that it is the id no, or something nonmusical related.

-- torey luvullo (, April 14, 2000.

Hmmm... that's a good idea. Yeah, it would cost a bit more, but hey, two to three dollars per CD... with ten dollars invested, I could see exactly what rearranging them would do. Hmm. I must confess, I know very little about burning copies of CDs, so I'll have to ask the guy who's gonna do ir for me first, and see whether it is possible or not. Still, I'd like to try...

-- Justice (, April 14, 2000.

It'd be cool if it got different monsters.

-- RaPtOr2157 (, April 18, 2000.

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