3 +1's in one monster

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My garuda breed line just got weird! Normaly a monster because of disk chips will get a +1 on a certain drill or errantry right? Well my latest garuda gets 3 +1s! one on domino, shoot AND on the volcano erranty. Is this new or is this normal? I think mabey +1s can be caried through generations. the parents(a garuda w/ +1 on domino, a Phoenix w/ +1 on Kawrea Volcano) passed their +1s on plus the wracky disk chips gave him three. Any thoughts Welcome. --Morlin

-- Morlin (Not@here.com), January 29, 2000

Answers Durahans get the +1 to the domino drill, Phoenix's give the +1 for the Kawrea Errantry, and the Henger disk chips gives +1 to shoot. The Wracky disk chip gives +1 to the Leap drill. It's up to the main/sub breed for the +1 along with disk chips used to give the +1.

-- Vheod (Vheod@hotmail.com), January 29, 2000.


So this is normal to have three +1s in one monster?

-- Morlin (Not@here.com), January 29, 2000.


It's not normal, but it's highly possible.

-- Nate Railsback (ChimeraMan101@aol.com), January 29, 2000.

-- torey luvullo (dst10000@compuserve.com), April 13, 2000

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