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Title: Dangerous Fire Extinguished in Chrudim, East Bohemia

CHRUDIM, Apr 13, 2000 -- (CTK - Czech News Agency) Fumes from a fire which started in the ACHP Chrudim agrochemical company in the morning threatened the people from the town and its vicinity, head of the district authority Ondrej Kudrnac told CTK today.

Eleven people who were very close to the fire were hospitalized, Kudrnac said. Now the fire was extinguished and the place is no longer immediately threatened, Kudrnac said. "Two mobile monitoring units are now monitoring the state of air. The result will be completed in the afternoon. There is no immediate danger," Kudrnac added.

The fire broke out due to chemical substances in a storage in the rented premises of the firm, Kudrnac said. The fire started shortly before ten a.m. Local people were asked to close the windows and not to go out.

The smoke from a burning mixture of substances could have included the hydrogen fluoride acid. However, after the fire was extinguished, the danger disappeared, Kudrnac said. "I don't think that even the people taken to hospital have suffered any harm," Kudrnac said. ((c) 2000 CTK - Czech News Agency)


-- (, April 13, 2000

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