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There's a new TV reviewer at Ain't It Cool News who seems to be an ER fan. Here is his rundown of what happens in tonight's episode...

" Tonight brings us the last new ER before the flood of fresh episodes that will flow out of May sweeps. Because it is not a sweeps episode, tonights installment contains no major incidents or revelations just the usual mix of rich, compelling drama. Even so, MINOR SPOILERS ABOUND...

"1) Carrie is still on suspension and Rocket Romano is still plenty angry, putting extra pressure on everyone else in the ER to take up the slack.

"2) Carol and Luca (who, thanks to Rocket, has just been assigned his fifth shift in three days) are still (kind of) making eyes at each other, but Carol is torn: she privately reveals to Mark that Doug Ross just asked her (off-camera, of course) to move to Seattle again.

"3) Luca, meanwhile, treats a man who seems to be experiencing acute anxiety due to an ugly and ongoing divorce. But its soon revealed that this mans very hard life is about to get a lot harder.

"4) An exhausted, emaciated and pregnant young mother of five tearfully tells Abby, I cant have another baby right now, I just cant and confesses that she was starving herself to induce a miscarriage.

"5) Peter and Cleo have taken to snogging in the supply room, which leads to tension with Elizabeth when they conspire to do an exploratory that Corday recommended against.

"6) Lucy Knights ghost and a nasty limp continue to haunt Carter, who acts abusively toward virtually everyone in his path: Jing-Mei, Randi, and even Pablo the homeless guy.

"7) David Green drives off his new Dutch nurse when he begins flinging racial slurs her way. He is rewarded that evening with another humiliating reminder of his fast-advancing deterioration."

COMMENT- I think they don't REALLY mean Lucy Knight's GHOST... Carter is probably just remembering her.

-- debbie (, April 13, 2000


You know, the more I think about poor David Green, the angrier I get. Why can't Mark just be an adult already? If he followed his father's wishes and allowed him to be in a hospice, he wouldn't have to end up with another "humiliating reminder of his fast-deteriorating" situation. He's made it pretty clear how he does not want to end up. Why can't Mark make him happy? The man's been through enough! I realize it's difficult to lose a family member. I had to watch my own father die last year. But whatever BS Mark feels is "the right thing to do" has to be a distant second to whatever David feels his course of treatment (or lack thereof) should be. I'm starting to think he would have been better off alone in San Diego.

-- nancy (, April 13, 2000.

I am starting to agree with the person in earlier threads who thinks that the "suicide" at the end of the season is going to be David Green. I think that is going to mess with Mark's head in a major way next year. Didn't the "Star" say that Mark was going to come close to quitting (again).

-- Linda (, April 13, 2000.

If the suicide is indeed to be David Greene, then I am seriously sad for Mark. I mean, when was the last happy day that he had? Granted, a lot of his suffering is brought upon himself, he still deserves *some* happiness, doesn't he? I guess he is just the writers' way of venting their daily frusterations on someone! If you think you are having a bad day, just remember, it could be worse; you could be Mark.

-- Rachel (, April 13, 2000.

Nancy, I made some comments echoing you're sentiments exactly in the episode comments. Several people have said the same thing to me, that it isn't easy to watch a loved one die. I too, have watched a loved one die and I know it is excruciating. But it doesn't give him an excuse to behave the way he is behaving.

-- (, April 13, 2000.

Hi. I just wanted to say I thought tonight's episode with Dr. Green and his father very sad - like real life. The whole situation with the father's illness is just awful, but what really got me was when they were having dinner. Just the two of them. No wives, no children, no family, and one of them is dying. Even if the old man were in a hospice (though he doesn't look quite ready to go), I don't thing Mark Green would be feeling any better about it.

-- Sal (, April 14, 2000.

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